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Being charged with a traffic offence can often be stressful. Should you be charged with a traffic offence and convicted of the offence, it is not uncommon for the person to also have their licence disqualified for a significant period of time, often causing hardship in their day-to-day life.

At Rezae & Co Lawyers, we are experienced in taking traffic matters to court, whether our client is falsely accused of a serious offence that they did not commit or our client is guilty of the offence but wishes to receive the most lenient outcome possible.

Whether it is your first traffic offence or you have an unfavourable traffic record hoping to receive the most positive outcome possible, we at Rezae & Co Lawyers provide legal advice of the highest standard and will ensure that our clients understand all options available to them as well as to understand the entire process from start to finish, fighting fiercely for our clients in court.

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Page Author: Saba Rezae - Traffic Lawyer Sydney

Saba Rezae is our Principal Lawyer and founder of Rezae & Co Lawyers who has practised exclusively in criminal and traffic law for several years. His exceptional results and ability to provide legal service at the highest standard saw him head-hunted by the largest specialist criminal law firms in NSW and was quickly promoted to Senior Lawyer before establishing his own practice.

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We understand that being charged with a criminal or traffic offence can be a daunting and traumatic experience. We ensure clients understand the entire process from start to finish, what options are available to them and the best possible recommended course of action.

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